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Website Renewal

Do you think it is time to renew your website that you have been using for a long time? Today, with the evolution of all kinds of businesses towards the digital age, the websites of companies have become the most popular advertising tools. Web sites that are kept up-to-date attract more customers' attention and at the same time allow visitors to spend more time on the site compared to sites that are not subject to update. Website renewal emerges as a process that comes into play at this point and serves to keep your website more useful and up-to-date.

Web Sitesi Yenileme Ücretleri

Website Renewal Fee In the constantly renewed world, search engines constantly renew and change their algorithms depending on the returns of the time. For this reason, every site that has found its place on the web has to constantly update itself. This renewal process allows websites to have a better position on the network, making them visible at the top of search engines. If you want to get to the forefront on the internet network, which is an excellent competitive field, and to promote your company in the best way, you should get help from a professional company and perform your website renewal with this company. How Should Progress in Renewal Processes Be? Before applying to any company in your website renewal process, you should clearly define what you want and what you expect from this website. This determination process will greatly facilitate you and the company that will carry out your website renewal procedures, and will eliminate all kinds of disputes and troubles. In line with your request, a small or large innovation can be made. For example, if you only want to change the written content on the site, changing the interface will be sufficient, but additional purchases may be required in addition to the design process for other changes. Before deciding what to do, remember that your only goal is to promote your company through the site by highlighting your site and to increase your sales targets with this advertisement! Choose the company that will carry out your website renewal process with great care. Always consider the professionalism of the firm you choose. Do not skip SEO work on your website renewal process. If you have a multi-page site, turn to new site designs rather than renewal of the existing site in order not to waste your SEO work! Before the renewal of your website, ask the company that will do the renewal process and confirm it. Increase the dedication of the designer to protect your SEO-compatible content, as a new indexing will be required for each page during the process. Confirm that the meta titles and descriptions have not changed after your site has been refreshed. With its expert staff and professional designs, you can contact Wind Media and get information about all kinds of website renewal processes. Below you can see an example Website Renewal Price list.

Web Sitesi Yenileme Fiyatları

Hizmet Adı   Hizmet Detayı   Fiyat  
Custom Web Design Price   Company-Specific Web Design   Specific to the Project  
Prebuilt Web Site Design Price   Prebuilt Web Site Price   4500 TL + KDV  
Hosting Price   Standart Hosting Price   600 TL + KDV  
E-commerce Web Site Price   Ready-made all-inclusive e-commerce site   8000 TL + KDV  
Mass Mail Delivery   Post basic package bulk mail sending   200 TL + KDV / Month  
MTHS   1 year Unlimited quota MTHS Service   1250 TL + KDV  








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