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When we connect to web sites from mobile devices, the design can be described as adapting itself to the screen resolution. Developed for trouble-free opening of a web page on mobile devices. Many criteria such as finger touch measurements, proximity of touch elements, point size and ease of reading are effective. Google has mobile compatibility test. If you search this word on Google, you can tell if your web pages are mobile-compatible.

It is a concept that emerged with the spread of mobile devices. It aims to make websites work fast and error-free on mobile devices. SEO is a specialty. Optimization is part of the study. It may be necessary to create separate designs for mobile devices. Briefly; These are the methods used to rank high on Google searches on mobile devices. One of them is to prepare AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

There are two sections to Google search results. The first section is the advertising space. Advertisements in this field contain advertising and are easily distinguished from others. Organic search results (natural search results without ads); It starts just below Google ads. Organic search results can be displayed on the first page or even in the first place. Please contact our customer representative for more information.

If you want to exit the first page of Google search results, you have two options. First Way: Organic searches are possible on the first page. Second Way: With Google Adwords Ads, you'll get out on the first page, even in the first place, effortlessly.

SEO is the work of optimizing your website for search engines. SEO work must be done in two ways by complete and expert people, otherwise you can damage your website. The first step of the SEO study is on - site SEO. The second stage; Off-site SEO is the work of the site. In-house SEO work can be summarized as a quick and error-free opening of your website as a result of a series of laborious studies. Editing meta tags, H1 tags, creating robots.txt file, creating sitemap.xml file, content analysis, link analysis, site architecture, JS optimization, CSS optimization, W3 standards compliance, broken link and consists of up to 40 stages. After these stages are completed and passed the tests respectively, it comes to off-site SEO work. The basis of offsite SEO is to increase the popularity of your web pages and reach more users. To achieve this result, firstly the competitor analysis and the location of your own site are determined. The areas where your website is missing and the areas where your competitors are ahead can be summarized as the works done to improve the ranking of your website. Social media dominance is the most important of these activities. Also; Knowing where, what and how you should do, you need to have the experience to act without being penalized by Google for over-intensive SEO work. There are professional platforms you can consult on these issues. Some of them are: Alexa, Moz, Ahrefs. Backlinks analysis, such as visitor analysis software with unlimited possibilities in many areas you need to constantly analyze and keep your website up to date.

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