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Do you need software for your company?

For your needs such as Customer, Marketing, Sales, Technical Service management Crm Software the exact system you need.


We go beyond your studies with Web Software and design web software that uses the technologies of the future.

Crm Software nowadays it is a need that is gaining much importance for businesses. For all businesses with a customer focus; customer relationship management software, which is extremely important, is an indispensable tool especially for the service sector.

Have a Virtual Store with E-Commerce Packages!

Wind Media E-Commerce Packages Bring You Success. Ideal E-Commerce Packages For Those Who Are Looking For A Professional Solution.

With an e-commerce package that does not have an annual renewal fee and has a lifetime license, our company, which produces professional solutions for new entrepreneurs, for those who want to move their business to e-commerce, everything is as easy as shopping online! Yes, it is the responsibility of our expert team to design and program your e-commerce site in the process where we only note your wishes. E-commerce software is prepared and delivered in a short time. The e-commerce packages offered by Wind Media have been prepared in such a way that you can reach your customers in search engines in a short time with the best SEO infrastructure, while covering the features such as security, payment infrastructure, order and campaign management that should be in an e-commerce site. .

Allows you to fully manage your sales process
Brings your team together and improves internal communication
Records the entire communication process with the customer
Helps you organize your data better
Keeps track of developments even when you're not in the office
Improves your company's productivity by facilitating job tracking
Allows you to make quick and effective decisions
Can be integrated with other software you use

Social Media Taste Online CRM Very Smart very easy

Wind Media is much more than a software...

Easily access all your corporate contacts before and after sales. Get company histories at any time
Record leads and customer details and contacts. Assign to customer representatives if you wish. Group, associate, measure, interpret your records.

Web Software and Management.

Web software track the estimated sales amount, probability, contacts, stage, and all notes about each opportunity.
  • Seasonal Sales Distribution
  • Personnel Performance Analysis
  • Sales Distribution by Sector, City, Brand, Product
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Customer Sales Distribution
  • and more...

We do business with love with our customer satisfaction.

As an important base in business life, being original and differentiating means value. The originality of the designs is one of the first steps to be taken in order to differentiate from your competitors. The Wind Media team makes sure that the designs are individual and corporate. Our team, who knows how distressing commodity in business life, creates designs taking inspiration from the unique landscapes of nature.

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