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E Commerce Packages

Get Your Virtual Store with E-Commerce Packages!

Wind Media E-Commerce Packages Make You Success. Ideal For Those Who Are Looking For A Professional Solution E-commerce Packages.

With an e-commerce package that does not have an annual renewal fee and has a lifetime license, our company produces professional solutions for new entrepreneurs. Yes, it is your responsibility to design and program your e-commerce site in the process we noted down only your requests. E-commerce software is prepared and delivered in a short time. Wind Media's e-commerce packages include security, payment infrastructure, order and campaign management features that should be available on an e-commerce site, and have the best SEO infrastructure so that you can reach your customers in a short time. .

By ensuring that e-commerce packages are SEO compatible, e-commerce people will be able to get more answers from their digital marketing efforts in order to gain more profits. Security infrastructure, which stands as an important criterion for shopping from e-commerce sites, is provided professionally in all e-commerce packages offered by Wind Media.

PHP Ecommerce Software

You can host the software on your own server or on Wind Media servers, all of which are protected by Cisco Firewall. The software is licensed to your domain name for an unlimited period of time and there is no annual license lease payment.

Ready E-Commerce Templates

In e-commerce packages, you can select and use one of the ever increasing templates. You can install and apply a new template in a few minutes and enjoy your E-commerce Shopping Site.

Easy Design

What distinguishes Wind Media from other e-commerce software is that all sites and e-mails are based on templates. You can easily change the design of the whole site with only your HTML / CSS knowledge.

Payment options

E-commerce packages come with many payment modules installed that you can offer to your customers. It will only take a few seconds to activate any module. You can get technical support for all your questions in module installations.

Test Now

You can access Wind Media E-commerce v4.0's different end-user screens by clicking the template selection at the top left of the E-commerce demo site. So you can test your E-commerce Shopping Site immediately and change its appearance at any time.

Strong SEO Support

Our e-commerce packages also provide you with a powerful ecommerce SEO infrastructure with customizable SEO settings, SEO URL support, tag support, content-specific meta description, Google sitemap definition and automatic Google keyword generator support.

WhatsAPP Msg Support

Optional with Wind Media; E-commerce Shopping You can do customer and administrator information messages on your site with whatsapp in addition to e-mail without any top-up costs. The module fee is paid only once.

XML Integration

With E-commerce software, you can add the products of the company you are a dealer to your site with a single button, you can make instant stock and price updates. By activating XML / Excel output files you can take your place on price comparison sites.

Google Support

In e-commerce packages, Google Analytics, Goole Rich Snippets, Google Sitemap XML, Google Merchant XML, Google Reconversion and Google Re-marketing support are standard and Google Login support is optional.

Gitti Gidiyor API Support

All Wind Media e-Commerce packages come loaded with GittiGidiyor API integration. For your e-commerce site, you can list GittiGidiyor products on the GittiGidiyor site with a single click.

N11 API Support

Wind Media e-Commerce packages come with N11 XML integration installed. For your e-commerce site, you can upload the XML file of the products you have defined N11 category information directly to your N11 control panel.

Multi-Language Use

Wind Media comes with optional multi-language support in e-Commerce packages. With E-commerce Site Extensions, you can add as many languages as you want to your software and you can make translations from one panel quickly and easily.

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