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Job Tracking Program

With the job tracking program, you can assign a specific person to your current organization structure. The job tracking program automatically follows the rest. The single data entry of the program is the simplest and does not interfere with how you do it. You can monitor the responsibility you give to whom, how long the staff is performing this task with the job tracking program and you can plan for the future with the data you have obtained. With the reminder feature, you can create alerts for yourself or for a specific staff member at a specific time without creating a new task. Since the job tracking program is completely web based, you can have many advantages from the very beginning. You can see when your task will end. You can view who will perform a specific task, the description, the subject and the required documents at any time. In addition, the job tracking program system will automatically notify you and all relevant personnel via e-mail. You can log into the system with your user name and password from any device connected to the Internet. After logging into the system with the specified user name and password, you can assign jobs to your staff and managers, see the jobs assigned to you, report jobs, and track the work of staff. These transactions make it easier for you to manage your company or business while also managing your employees.

What is the Difference of Job Tracking Program?

ERP consists of a large number of software modules. ERP is a system that uses a common database. It consists of very complex sub-software such as production, human resources, finance, projects, customer relationship management (CRM). The job tracking program is built on the principle of flow work flow bulunan, which is at the core of all ERP, CRM and project-based software. ERP and CRM programs do not require high investment costs, consultancy, changes in organizational chart and radical changes in habits. After entering the job description and time values, job monitoring program officials regularly inform the company or firm and that company or firm has acquired a software that does not make any mistakes or forget any more.

Who Can Use Job Tracking Program?

Business follow-up program is the perfect solution for those organizations and companies who have difficulty in following their jobs verbally, by paper or by e-mail, and who generally work on computer or phone, and who want to know how much work they do. Advertising agencies, hospitals, accountants, law firms, associations and clubs, factories, companies or companies in the IT sector, municipalities, companies or companies in the construction sector, real estate companies, organization companies, companies involved in marketing and distribution, insurance agents, industrialists, companies or companies that serve as technical services, companies such as tourism companies can use business tracking program.

All private and public institutions and organizations with branches or personnel may use at long distances, which are suitable for teamwork and which have a high number of personnel.

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