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B2B Dealer Management

Globalizing world, with the development of technology with each passing day to create a competitive power of companies and this power has become an important situation to maintain well. At this stage, B2B Dealer Management application is used as a method that will contribute to the development and acceleration of the company such as reaching the right customer and being in contact with the customer quickly.

What is B2B (Business To Business)?

In short, B2B: E-commerce model made from company to company. Today, this model is frequently used in the world. Behind many E-commerce companies lies the B2B model. It refers to E-commerce within a company or between other companies. B2B E-commerce model serves to bring buyers and sellers together on the same website. It is an E-commerce portals created online with the products and services that you want to sell with B2B model. Transactions such as bidding, bidding and pricing are realized through B2B models. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to evaluate the price offers of buyers and sellers.

While B2B platforms can be in specific categories specific to the sector, they also include other sectors. B2B platforms are divided into two parts: paid and free. While free parts are generally considered here, paid platforms also sometimes cover areas such as product display and free service provision. The important point is that the connection between the company and the customer is strong.

Advantages of using B2B Dealer Management System

As it is known, B2B Dealer Management, which provides online training, enables companies to communicate with each other 24/7. Companies continue their trade at any time of the day without being affected by the holidays and working hours. On the other hand, the internet is accessible to companies located anywhere in the world and in the country and shopping is provided through digital platforms. Thanks to B2B Dealer Management, all companies continue to exhibit their services and products in an online (virtual) environment with a great market place logic. At the same time, online multimedia facilities will definitely continue to be a part of B2B trade. Brochures, promotional videos and photographs are uploaded to the online environment for the products and services of the companies and decision-making processes are carried out as a result of the review of these companies. B2B Dealer Management will enter the life of businesses more in time. As the enterprises can easily reach domestic and foreign markets, their market shares will increase and the market will be diversified. With the elimination of the time limit on demand, the B2B system will provide a great advantage. Only companies that want to take part in the world market can turn their new experiences into opportunities in this way.

To summarize, thanks to B2B Dealer Management;

  • Reduces order and sales costs
  • Saves business and increases the company's annual rate of profit
  • Provides ease of online collection
  • The customer's dependence on the company increases
  • Increases customer productivity, enabling new customers to arrive
  • The productivity of the employees increases.

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